Since its establishment in 1987, Strategic Risk International has implemented risk management, planning, budgeting, funds transfer pricing, IFRS-9 hedge compliance and Treasury management technology for over 120 financial institutions.

The systems and modules available are:

VPLAN Strategic planning   VBUDGET Center and bank level budgeting
VTEN Earnings and market value BS risk   VFTP Funds transfer pricing
VPROFIT Segment profitability analysis   VSTRESS Capital stress analysis
VTREAS Treasury management   VCASH Daily cash flow stress analysis
VHEDGE IFRS-9 hedge compliance   VLOAD Data scrubbing and mapping

Key features of these systems include a high level of accuracy, action-oriented reporting, ease of setup and use and efficient use of computer resources. These lead to better outcomes in terms of executive decisions, personnel productivity and the efficient use of resources.

Senior SRI personnel also provide a range of advisory services, applying their experience and expertise to policy, protocol and decision-making issues.