The firm's clients have a number of similar characteristics:

  •   They see the management of balance sheet performance as an important executive function. It
      provides the opportunity to pro-actively structure the balance sheet to the organization's best
      advantage - with the possibility of enhancing performance (and circumventing avoidable losses),
      whilst not increasing the market risk exposure.
  •   As executives, they wish to understand key risk issues and the strategic decisions to be taken.
  •   As specialists, they seek tools that are computationally powerful and accurate, as well as purposeful in
      terms of the styles of analysis and presentation of results. There also needs to be a high level of
      assumption and result transparency.
  •   Both executives and specialists want to be able to quickly develop alternative strategies that offer
      better reward-for-risk profiles.
  •   Executives want information to be presented in a manner that is easy to assimilate and that supports
      confident decision-making.